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Empress Hotel

Empress Hotel is a pop ensemble based in New Orleans whose sound is inspired by both one hit wonders of the '70s and legends such as Prince, Sparks, and Roxy Music. The band has a unique slant on their own pop songs though, with stream of consciousness lyrics, dynamic vocal melodies and layered harmonies. Their sound salutes the glory days of rock n roll, and truly lives on stage with an audience right there with them.

Empress Hotel is a by-product of a pair of brothers from New Orleans, some good friends and a stack of great ideas. Ryan Rogers spent a lot of time over the last couple of years watching his brother Eric weave in and out of other local bands. Ryan, with unwavering brotherly advice, listening to Eric's adventures & staying up late and talking about their favorite records or ripping apart other ones. As Eric toured and joined new musical projects, Ryan stayed home with his close friend, singer/songwriter Micah McKee, and began writing and recording batches of feel-awesome pop gems that couldn't remain just in their circle of friends. These recordings were shared and found their way throughout the city to the point that the next logical step was to put a live band together, and that's when the Micah and the Rogers brothers formed Empress Hotel.

Spearheading the band are brothers Ryan and Eric Rogers on guitar and drums, backed by Patrick Hodgkins on bass, Leo DeJesus on keys and percussion and, the lovely Julie Williams on keys with Micah McKee on lead vocals and guitar. The construction may be brand new, but it's a comfortable & classic design.

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