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From A Fountain

From a Fountain is a beautiful name for all varieties of music by Douglas Kirby. Kirby has been in Philadelphia's National Eye for years and years and continues to collaborate on their recordings.

From a Fountain is from South Dakota, and the United States. A map on illustrates this and houses a great archive of songs. South Dakota is an incredible state and deserves to be honored musically in every way possible. Sioux Falls is the forever-home of From a Fountain. is a labyrinthine website devoted to presenting music attached to place. As you navigate through the site, you navigate mostly through America, as seen through South Dakota. There's a lot about swimming pools and beaches. Outer space, in the form of childhood ceiling-star-stickers, is featured as well.

Shale and Sandstone is the proud release of Park the Van Records. It was recorded in a series of meditations, beginning with piano. A bulk of these seed recordings can also be found at One can trace much of the genesis of the final album here.

The album visualizes a rogue band of Native Americans, far in the future. Organized in present day and persisting hidden throughout the years, they have waited for the advent of time travel, for to go back and offer their pre-Contact ancestors antibodies to the European diseases that would decimate them. Thus en-strengthened, the Natives would likely be able to withstand the onslaught of the European population and hold on to much of their homeland and identity.

Shale and Sandstone got really interesting when the ancient people, upon being presented with the option of being innoculated, turned it down. This not without much wailing and despairing what was to befall their people. A lost song captures this meeting and lamentation. As the old ones refused the antibodies, the story ends there, for history went on un-changed. The remainder of the album reflects on meeting with the infinite in this way and tries to make sense of their decision.

Most of the instruments and singing on the album were played, recorded, and arranged by Kirby, in Philadelphia. Additional drums, viola, cello, harp, and some amazing singing and advising came from friends. It was recorded over the space of two years. Mixing was done in a 7,000 square-foot warehouse in Tea, South Dakota, just outside Sioux Falls, in the summer.

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