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Brevity, soul and wit: some of the hallmarks of the Spinto Band's latest release on Park The Van. Slim & Slender is the Delaware native sextet's self-recorded debut.

Self recorded in eastern PA, these very well may be some of the The Spinto Band's best stuff yet. Included are a lot of extended instrumental explorations , like the bouncily jubilant cover of "Brazil" from the Terry Gilliam film of the same title. "Brazil has been a long time classic amongst the band," singer/songwriter/guitar-player/production-guru Nick Krill explains. "I first heard it in the film and have overheard Jeff and Tom and others playing the melody on different instruments over the years. The song brings to mind flying high above a city with angel wings sprouting from my back." Their previous full-length, Moonwink, had Spinto's crafty penchant for taking care in carving out space for all sounds in elaborate arrangements, and "Thayer Function", Slim's original instrumental is a sunwinked continuation of this calling card. Krill explained the genesis of this cut: "Back when we used to record in Thomas and Sam's basement, our former band mate, Albert Birney, penned a song called Layer Function. Albery now lives on Thayer Street in Rochester, New York, and Joe made up the riff for what would eventually become Thayer Function during a sing along on Albert's porch while we were on tour last year. The title just popped out and immediately made perfect sense...kind of making a nice reference to our old basement recording days just as we were beginning recording ourselves again almost ten years later."

Continuing work on building out the band's own studio for this return voyage into their self-recording roots, the Spinto Band plans and prepares for what's next. "We are working on that new material in a new studio we have been slowly piecing together over the course of the summer," according to Krill. "Now that we have found a bass clarinet, we are a lot closer to being done. The next step is to figure out how to play the bass clarinet."



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