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A little bit about the latest album from The Teeth, by Peter MoDavis:

In the wake of our last E.P., "Carry the Wood," Turtle, Monkey, Kitten and I hunkered down in the barracks-like atmosphere of a North East Philadelphia warehouse to record our new full-length album entitled, You're My Lover Now. In the beginning of the project, recording was a highly organized and structured process. The recordings were clean and solid but they lacked a certain sense of urgency and melodramatic cynicism that Turtle, Kitten, Monkey and I are partial to. While at this point, cleanliness and efficient planning were at the top of our priority list, we had neglected to understand what this album was to "become" as a whole. Slowly the process began to break down initiating what I shall introduce as, "The natural and rapid disintegration of technological efficiency and cleanliness within a Teeth recording." As we all know, what (or who) goes up, inevitably, must come down. And when illustrating this whilst explaining a Teeth album I would like to add, "What falls down will sometimes go back up, resurrecting itself anew.

This results in what I have deemed, "The natural rise of disorder, dirt and conflict within a Teeth recording." One may notice that I use the word, "natural" in both of my statements. Turtle, Kitten, Monkey, and I cannot work within the confines of a sterile, laboratory-like environment. Quite simply, "How is one supposed to be creative in an environment that is mathematically arranged?" "How could we possibly make a deeply stirring and imaginative album with a neatly wrapped cable hanging off a hook on the wall? A hook that is surrounded by other hooks separated by the same amount of inches on every side above and below, with identical cables, wrapped identically?" "How could we even pretend to play dissonant chords or even sweet sounding solos on a precisely tuned and polished guitar so beautified by its manufacturer that it holds no relevance to the naturally grimy/beautiful world around it?" Just as the dead look wholly plastic and cold, lying in a velvet box, so to do these guitars.

For Turtle, Monkey, Kitten and I this style of recording is inconceivable and always fails us. We are happier in filthy working environment where guitar cables are treasures, found in the nether regions of couches, plectrums come and go like the wind and guitars are whored around the studio like whores. All ideas are either used on the spot or they are shat upon using malicious personal assaults or comparisons to the most loathsome of bands. Walkouts are not uncommon, fist fights do happen and smoking is par for the course. For food we eat apple sauce, for drink we drink apple juice and for fun… well, fun is for jungle gyms and board games. Some memorable quotes from this battle field include, "this blows!" and "I hate recording," "that sounds like shit!" and, "do it again!"

So, THIS is the natural habitat of The Teeth during recording and THIS is the setting that cultivated the romping, roaring mess and confusion of ideas that is, You're My Lover Now. Emotionally, it is a painfully absurd vision of the mundane intertwined with inspiring buildups and pathetic letdowns. Lyrically, every character and every idea is grotesque and overwhelmed by everyday subjects such as love, isolation, personal mistakes, money (and lack thereof), sex, happiness, etc. In the end, we never figured out what this album was supposed to be. It is as singular and strange as the setting in which it was made, but it's got heart. "You're My Lover Now," was mixed by Nick Krill (Spinto Band) and Turtle, Monkey, Kitten and I hope that you enjoy it.

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